Fee Schedule


Fees as of 1st July 2023

Fee schedule for all patients 16yr and above during weekdays

Face to Face Consult/Telephone Consult                      Private Fee                  Rebate                   Out of Pocket

     Short                                                                                $50.00                        $18.95                     $31.05

     Standard                                                                          $75.00                        $41.40                     $33.60

     Long                                                                                 $120.00                       $80.10                    $39.90

     Extended                                                                          $160.00                       $118.00                  $42.00


Fees for all patients 5 yrs and above during weekends

Face to Face Consult/Telephone Consult                    Private Fee                    Rebate                   Out of Pocket

    Standard Consult (Sat until 1pm)                                 $75.00                            $41.40                     $33.60

    Standard Consult (Sat after 1pm)                                 $85.00                           $53.90                     $31.10

    Standard Consult (Sunday)                                           $85.00                            $53.90                    $31.10

    Long Consult                                                                 $130.00                          $92.45                     $37.55


Note: For a telehealth/phone consult to be eligible for rebate, Pt should have had an onsite consult within the last 12 months

Recalls are not bulk billed. It is at the discretion of the doctor.

Booking Guidance

Short (Level A) consultation: Things like repeat prescriptions, yearly ref to specialist, sick note.

Standard (Level B) Consultation: 1 standard problem and GPs can help another issues like quick repeat prescription.

Long (Level C) Consultation: Generally 2 problems

Extra Long (Level D) Consultation: Multiple problems taking 40 minutes, this needs to be booked with GP’s permission.


Bulk billing is offered for

  • Children below 16 years age during weekdays
  • Children below 5 yrs during weekends
  • For all DVA card holders
  • For care plan and health assessment appointments
  • Medicare eligible immunisations in all age groups.

*Any other services not mentioned in the Fee Schedule is at the discretion of the service provider.

Procedures and other Medical Services

Cervical Screening$40 at booking (non-refundable), No other out of pocket expenses.

Iron Infusion- Fee $160, $50 charged at booking (non-refundable) Medicare Rebate-$79.70, Out of pocket $80.30 (Including $50 booking Fee)

Implanon-Fee $40 at booking (Non-refundable) No other out of pocket expenses.

Employment Medical from $110.00   Commercial Drivers licence Medical $95.00

Pay protection/travel insurance related paper work $110

Employment related vaccination clearance certificate $70.00

Transfer of Medical records on CD or USB (Hard copies not provided) $65.00

Lost referrals$10 No Medicare billing or rebate   Sickness/carer’s Medical Certificate-$35 No Medicare rebate

All chronic pain management is classed as Level B consults with monthly prescriptions only, no early prescription issues for lost or stolen medications.

*A non attendance Fee of $25 is chargeable if you fail to cancel an appointment with at least 2hr notice.

Non payment of account

Payments can be made by contacting the practice on 02 4392 1880 or online through the link sent. No response even after 3 messages and no payment with in a week is classed as non payment.

Non payment of fees will result in inactivation of the file. An upfront fee of $50 is payable before any further appointments can be made. An additional $50 is payable for the transfer of records.